Mission of Burma From the Road: Italy & Croatia 2012

The further adventures of Mission of Burma:
Mon. Dec.10/Tues. Dec.11:

Back to those fucking Euro-skinny beds. My feet hung over the foot zone. I’m pretty sure Italians are the same basic type of homo sapien as myself, and probably reach

a height of six feet, possibly even more on occasion. No evidence of that in this bed. The width is about 1″ wider than my shoulders (and I am not a muscle-builder). None the less I had amusing dreams about some post-apocalypse with dinosaurs, preachers and what-not: I was trying to get our group to pull the curtains so they wouldn’t see us. A fun adventure.On the road to Zagreb, Neil Young and the Kinks, beautiful country. Croatia had a record snowfall (just in time for us). Not all that bad, though. We were stopped at the border, and thought we might have to cancel the show. But Alesh handled it w/dignity and we made it to the club, run by technical engineering students. Just tried a local beer: Belebitsko. Not bad, really – tastes like good Mexican beer. Met, one of the promoters, his family makes quite a nice wine, too, which some of us tried. He barely escaped being in Special Forces during the Bosnian war. Seems that when V.Suns and No Man played here (yep, there were a couple folks at the show who were there, 1989), well that was towards the end of “the good times”, before the war. The grayness is well-earned in Zagreb.Ready to go on, and there seems to be no electricity for our amps (this after the Vacu-Trem got fried and began emitting unusual sonic disturbances during sound-check). Finally things got powered up, but by the third song I realized the batteries were nearly drained in the Vacu-Fuzz. Got so weak that by the end of the set I quit using it. At any rate, by our first pacer (Ein. in this case), things felt OK and the set went fine from there, despite these issues. Large and very enthusiastic crowd. After the show talking to people you really sensed it meant a lot to them that we were there.

Tues., Dec.11:

Today, Electric Ladyland while we travel through the low Croatian mountains and into Slovenia, past Neanderthal remains in the hills. Jimi’s winding guitar solos suited the highways rounded turns and mountain passes.

The Arena club is one of those Euro-Art complexes. Unfortunately the PA ain’t up yet, so we’re sequestered in the “dressing room” which requires a goodly walk in the well below zero weather. Should be great after the show in sweat. At least the WiFi is pretty good.

Later:Well, another well-attended show. Very dark in the lighting department, but this is Austria after all. Vacu-Trem working again (must’ve been the odd Croatian electricity that shafted it last night). Very enthusiastic crowd. AOK.